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Who and What ALLEAPS is:

  1. Structure of ALLEAPS: Alabama Law Enforcement Alliance for Peer Support (ALLEAPS): This non-profit organization is under the leadership of Dr. Tim Faulk and is an approved 501-C3 cooperation. ALLEAPS maintains the overall operation of LEAPS in the state of Alabama. ALLEAPS provides the organizational structure of the website and related matters. ALLEAPS has a Board of Directors, and a Certified Public Accountant monitors any and all funds.
  2. Implementation of ALLEAPS: Alabama is already divided into seven federally recognized regions by the Department of Homeland Security.
    • These seven regions have been adopted by ALEA and have been utilized for resource management since 2015.
    • ALLEAPS in Alabama will function under seven Regional Coordinators from varying law enforcement agencies.
    • A regionally-based coordinator will increase efficiency and provide a rapid response to peer support events.
    • Regional control is more personal, trusted, and effective than a large bureaucracy.

What is peer support and how you can help.

This is a multi-faceted approach using first responders to provide support for fellow first responders.

  1. Law Enforcement Officers/Conservation/Marine/Air
  2. Dispatchers
  3. Fireman
  4. Paramadics

In order to be a certified first responder one is required to take a 32 hour class and interact in practice defusing situations.  Upon satisfactory completion the recipient is granted a certificate that must be renewed each year.  This program has a track record of being highly successful in example areas as the following:

  • Peer Recovery (Officer Down, surgeries, problematic situations due to injury)
    STANDARD OF CARE (Defined/Explained)
    Opportunity for Improvement
    Situation Analysis
    Expected Outcomes
  • Defused Situations
  • Defused Impact
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual
    • Relationships
  • Reductions in Hospitalizations for mental health/addiction problems
  • Reductions in suicides
  • Reductions in ‘symptom’ distress
  • Improvement of social support
  • Improvements in first responder quality of life
  • Improvements in family understanding
  • Evidence based practice

Currently you can help by making a donation and Thank You for visiting ALLEAPS website.