Law Enforcement Alliance for Peer Support - Guntersville Alabama



The Alabama Law Enforcement Alliance for Peer Support (ALLEAPS) and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) will provide peer support training at the Marshall County EMA/ARAB Police Department, 3550 Creek Path Rd. Guntersville Al 35976, September 14-17.

This 32-hour training has limited seating, and there is no cost for the training.

The purpose of this course is to provide law enforcement officers with a distinct skill set, allowing them to deal with and assist other officers following high-stress job-related events such as

• Officer-Involved Shooting
• Multiple Fatality Collisions
• Officer Down
• Mass Casualty
• Custodial Death
• Suicide
• Child Death, etc.

Additional topics explain the reasons for (and provide solutions):

• Why police officers live 20 years less than the general public.
• Why law enforcement officers commit suicide at 3-4 times the rate at which we are killed in the line-of-duty.
• Why career police officers in the U.S. are ranked first in Alcoholism, Divorce, Heart Disease, and PTSD.

ALLEAPS is NOT counseling.

ALLEAPS is a highly effective peer-driven support system that exists exclusively within the law enforcement brotherhood, instead of with well-meaning mental health professionals that cops typically don’t trust.

Completion of the 32-hour LEAPS program qualifies students to be certified peer support members as identified in Title 36-21-14, Code of Alabama. This certification provides law enforcement officers the identical privileged communication protection that is currently in place for a lawyer/client or doctor/patient.
This law enforcement training is RESTRICTED TO CERTIFIED PEACE OFFICERS and RETIREES with valid credentials. Chaplains and mental health professionals who comply with the requirements of 36-21-14, Code of Alabama, upon approval, may be permitted to attend.

The officer should have a good reputation and understanding of the law enforcement brother/sisterhood, along with the willingness to step up and take action when another police officer is in need.

Registration: (PENDING)

Sponsored by the Arab Police Department, Alabama
In cooperation with the Marshall County EMA, Alabama
For more information regarding peer support visit:

Lodging options Hampton Inn Guntersville for September 13-16. That address is 14451 US Hwy 431 Guntersville, phone 256-582-4176. They have also offered available rooms to those in the class needing one for $99.00. There are several other hotels in the area as well.